How Do You Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

We all know why breast enlargement surgery is a bad idea…

Are you one of the thousands of women who want bigger breasts but are scared away from surgery by high costs, risks and side-effects? Don’t worry there are still plenty of alternatives you help you get larger, firmer breasts.

These natural alternatives to surgical breast augmentation can be highly effective while others are a waist of time and money.

The alternatives to surgery are breast enlargement exercises, breast pumps, inserts, push up bras and of course pills, creams, serums and lotions.

Let’s explore what options work best…

Bigger Breast Exercises

Breast enlargement exercises are regarded as temporary enlargement because you will never see any real growth, only swelling that may last a short period of time.

The routines consist of repetitively rubbing and tugging on the breasts, this causes swelling deep in the tissues and results in temporary increase in size.

If you stop doing the breast enlargement exercises the swelling and “your results” will be gone.

These exercises aren’t very practical or effective and are a bad option for women who want bigger breasts.

Breast Enlargement Pumps

Breast enlargement pumps are a questionable way for women to enhance their breasts.

The idea is to get a pump that causes increases internal pressure of the breast tissue resulting in temporary swelling and an enlarged appearance.

Of course breast enlargement pumps are not the best way

Breast Enhancement Pills

Breast enhancement pills are ineffective because the ingredients are spread throughout the body once they are digested. This means you get very little active ingredients where you want them.. to your breasts!

Don’t waste money on scam breast pills, instead look into more effective options…

Push Up Bras and Inserts

Every girl who wants bigger breasts has tried a push up bra or some kind of inserts. Although they make alright temporary solutions they certainly aren’t as good as the real thing. Too many women know how easy it is to accidentally “slip out” of a push up bra as well as how they are generally quite uncomfortable.

Inserts have a fair share of problems as well.. they look un-natural and may pop out at any moment causing an embarrassing scene.

Push up bras and inserts are certainly not the best way for women to get bigger breasts without surgery.

Serums, Cremes and Lotions

Breast enlargement serums like Triactol are the best route for natural enlargement and firming of the breasts.

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